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Hi, I’m Gianfranco, I’m the dad of three wonderful daughters who fill my life with joy and happiness every day. This vital energy allows me to devote myself with passion and dedication to my work as an engineer, which I have been trying to do in the best way for 20 years now.

The world of tourist hospitality has always fascinated me, so for about 5 years I have started to carry out the host, making my accommodations available to tourists.

I have great satisfaction in giving tourists the opportunity to live carefree days and to enjoy the wonders of my city. I try to do the best to guarantee comfort and good time to my guests. Above all, I try to convey to them my boundless love for the spectacular city of Partenope. Guests are welcome and I hope they can be satisfied with the choice of staying at our accommodation. All the staff works for the guests to make their holiday truly unforgettable !!!!
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